Hokkaido seafood served fresh!
  Unique creation process for more flavor!

The savory flavor of our sushi toppings is due to using local Hokkaido ingredients and immediately preparing and putting them out providing you with the freshest possible flavor. There are sushi toppings which taste great without making any changes to them and there are unique toppings which take time to prepare by skilled master sushi chefs. Both types have their advantages. Our toppings are not only large. We place importance on the perfect balance between freshness, flavor and rice with luster. We are committed to providing sushi at a temperature with a mellow taste, a size perfect for eating and an appearance appealing to the eye.
Enjoy the perfect sushi at TORITON!



TORITON is committed to flavor! Our ingredients are shipped directly for maximum freshness. We carefully select ingredients which catch our eye from seafood caught that day every morning at the market. The ingredients are immediately shipped to each TORITON location and are first cut at the restaurant providing our customers with the optimal amount of freshness.

  Preparation Process

The flavor of sushi does not only come from the topping.
Master sushi chefs create the unique flavor of sushi using special techniques.
Using mackerel as an example, master sushi chefs change the amount of salt and vinegar depending on the size and fat content of the mackerel to maximize flavor. Salmon roe is prepared with a specially prepared sauce to bring out its unique texture.
Master sushi chefs use special techniques to make TORITON’s original flavor while maintaining the genuine freshness and taste of the ingredients.
We are committed to this preparation process in order to provide our customers with this original TORITON flavor.

  Our abilities and confidence provide you with the best tasting sushi

Our master sushi chefs are not the types who are so confident in their abilities that they do not feel the need to provide customers with hospitable and friendly service.
We want to know how our sushi tastes. We want anyone to be able to have a fun time while enjoying genuinely great tasting sushi. Therefore, our master sushi chefs are naturally friendly and easy to talk to. A true master sushi chef also masters the technique of hospitality and friendliness. TORITON’s master sushi chefs have mastered these techniques to provide you with an even higher level of service.

  Customers and staff members coming together
  to create a fun and exciting atmosphere!

We greet every customer with a high-spirited “Irashaimase!” when they come inside. Our clean and cheerful interior is always filled with a lot of customers having a great time.
The temperature of our locations is kept at the optimal temperature for enjoying sushi. Our seasonal displays emphasize the freshest flavors. The relay between customers ordering and master sushi chefs as well as staff responding reverbs like you’re at a live show. The customers, staff members and master sushi chefs all agree that coming to TORITON allows you to experience the fun and excitement of a festival-like atmosphere.

 Tokyo Sky Tree Town Soramachi Location MAP
Tokyo Sky Tree Town Soramachi 6F, 1-1-2 Oshiage, Sumida-ku,
Tokyo 〒131-0045  Tel.03-5637-7716
 Ikebukuro Tobu Location MAP
Tobu Ikebukuro Main Building 11F, 1-1-25 Nishi-Ikebukuro, 
TToshima-ku,Tokyo 〒171-8512  TEL.03-5927-1077

 Fushiko Location MAP
8-2-7-13 Fushiko, Higashi-ku, Sapporo-shi 〒007-0868
 Atsubetsu Location MAP
4-3 Atsubetsu Higashi, Atsubetsu-ku, Sapporo-shi 〒004-0004
 Sakaemachi Location MAP
Kita 38 Higashi 15, Higashi-ku, Sapporo-shi 〒007-0838
 Hiragishi Location MAP
2-15 Hiragishi, Toyohira-ku, Sapporo-shi 〒062-0932
 Kiyota Location MAP
1-4 Satozuka, Kiyota-ku, Sapporo-shi 〒004-0801
 Toyohira Location MAP
4-6 Toyohira, Toyohira-ku, Sapporo-shi 〒062-0904
 Maruyama Location MAP
Kita 4 Nishi 23, Chuo-ku, Sapporo-shi 〒064-0824
 Kita 8 Kosei Location MAP
19-1 Kita 8 Higashi 5, Higashi-ku, Sapporo-shi 〒060-0908
 Ebetsu Location MAP
25-3 Takasago-cho, Ebetsu-shi 〒067-0074

 Kyokushin Location MAP
3-5-1 Kyokushin, Asahikawa-shi 〒078-8373

 Miwa Location MAP
4-12-20 Higashi Miwa, Kitami-shi 〒090-0836
 Yuhigaoka Location MAP
2-5-1 Miyoshi-cho, Kitami-shi 〒090-0064

 Engaru Location MAP
7-80 Odori Kita, Engaru-cho, Monbetsu-gun 〒099-0404


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